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Edmonton Email Marketing Services

Is your business capitalizing on potential leads that just aren’t ready to buy from you right now? Automated email marketing can help keep those prospects in the loop and turn them into brand advocates down the line when they are ready to purchase from you. Trend Lab can help you build an automated email marketing campaign that keeps your prospects informed and help entice them to return to your business when the time is right.

The development of electronic mail (e-mail) evolved communication in a significant way. As an avenue for efficient transfer of information in a trackable format which has changed how we interact with everyone personally and professionally, this is especially true for business. E-mail extends the hours of operation for customers to reach you from ‘business hours’ to 24/7 access.

Parlaying this seemingly limitless platform into an effective marketing pipeline though, hasn’t been without its wrinkles. In 2014, Canada passed what is believed to be one of the most strict anti-spam legislation programs in the world. Making it a punishable offense to connect with someone commercially without their express or implied consent may have caused many business owners to shy away from this marketing channel. But can e-mail still be used effectively to market your business?

The answer is yes. Though laws are in place identifying you must have customer consent to reach out to them by e-mail, it simply means that we need to be more innovative in how we develop those leads and secure those permissions. That’s where Trend Lab can best serve your business needs in this area. We can help you navigate the legal limitations of e-mail to develop automated e-mail marketing campaigns that will keep you in the minds of your prospective customers and entice them to seek you out when their needs require.

Consider the cost savings to you operationally if you can e-mail a flyer or special promotion to a client instead of incurring the costs of printing and distribution through traditional channels. Think about what value a direct line of communication with past, present and future customers can be to distribute satisfaction surveys and polls. Recognize how quickly and efficiently this medium can be used to share helpful tips and knowledge that establish you as an industry expert in your community. E-mail is an effective and inexpensive means to accomplish all of these goals.

E-mail, like every tool that we use to communicate with our clients and the public at large, is a chance to build rapport and solidify our relationships. Let us show you how to incorporate an e-mail marketing strategy that will serve your business both now and into the future. In fact, you can e-mail us today and let our team at Trend Lab help get your e-mail marketing strategy in place now. (You have our permission).