Funnels & Conversion

Turn as many visitors into potential customers as possible

Edmonton Sales Funnels & Website Conversion Optimization

What if you could multiply the amount of leads and sales (and your bottom line) that your business is getting from your online presence? It’s possible with conversion optimization. Trend Lab’s goal is to turn as many visitors into potential customers as possible, and we do this by developing your online marketing channels and refining your sales funnel. We meticulously test and implement our findings in order to drive conversions and increase your profits.

The name of the game is conversion – helping to take someone on the journey from being a first time visitor to a customer with your product in their hand with as little effort as possible. While on your staff, you may undertake to train and mentor your staff to adopt this philosophy and deliver results, when it comes to your digital presence in the market, that requires a different approach.

Many business owners get frustrated with their website, feeling that it requires more effort than the results that it generates in return. If your website isn’t functioning as a contributing part of your marketing strategy, then it’s time to re-evaluate your expectations and analyze how your web presence can better support the creation of new customers either online or through your door.

When attracting new business, a popular example is to envision your incoming traffic as a funnel – wide at the top, then narrowing as you hone in on those customers for whom their connection with you will create a mutually beneficial relationship. It starts with creating awareness. You have to let the public know who you are and what you have to offer. That offer has to give the buyer something to consider. How will they best meet their needs by doing business with you? When they can see the value that you represent that develops a preference which will inspire them to make a purchase. That may be all that you require from your website – but there is still more that you can do to secure repeat business. We can help you with that strategy as well.

At Trend Lab, we understand consumer behavior and trends and can put that knowledge to work for you to ensure that you can see the reward from your online marketing efforts in customer volume and escalating sales. When it works correctly, your website can function as one of the most cost-efficient tools at your disposal, but if it’s not delivering as you need it to, we can help. Call or e-mail us today to discuss how we can improve your digital presence in the Edmonton market, as well as a wider reach. Can your business afford another day with an ineffective website? The modern consumer, with their buying power now mobile and in their hands is ready to buy today. Don’t miss out.