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90+% of consumers starting and ending their buying cycle with a Google or Bing search

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Get in front of prospects that are looking for your services, but don’t know that they are looking for you… yet.  SEO, or Search engine optimization is one of the most targeted and highly effective forms of inbound marketing available today. With 90+% of consumers starting and ending their buying cycle with a Google or Bing search, and business buyers only contacting possible suppliers directly after they’re 57% through the purchase cycle, your business cannot afford to miss out on the leads and visibility that search engines generate. If you’re not ranking, you can bet your competition is. Trend Lab’s experienced SEO team keeps your business at the top of the rankings so that potential clients visit your website — not your competitor’s.

It’s not enough to simply have an online presence, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd so that customers can find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a valuable strategy to ensure that your message and your business don’t get lost in the worldwide web.

As a business owner, you first have to recognize that when people are looking for a type of product or service, they aren’t reaching for the phone book anymore. With access to the internet at their fingertips on any mobile device, 90% of consumers are looking to Google or Bing to find the information that they need. If someone does an online search, identifying only your city and the service you provide, will your business be the first to pop up? If not, you may be losing customers and not even know it.

Take a moment and think like your customer. When they ate typing in that search query, how are they framing the question? Whether you get the opportunity as a merchant to answer that question relies solely on how well you did in your SEO efforts to make it impossible for people to miss you. Even if they don’t know your business and are unfamiliar with the market for your particular service, when the right search by category and city should put you front and center to close the deal with your new customer. Search engines factor in location, consider whether the search is being initiated from a P.C. or a mobile device, and try to determine, as best possible the relevant results based on the search.

Developing an effective SEO strategy involves more than just the calculated placement of keywords, but also the design of your website. Content-driven marketing is increasingly important because it not only allows you to tell your story, but it also lends itself to ensuring that the search engines can find you even with a search that is somewhat broad in scope.

We deal in optimizing visibility online in all that we do and can help to increase your visibility for potential clients that don’t already know you and your business by name. We understand the analytics and data funnels that are in place behind every query to help direct more traffic toward your business and increase sales your sales. At Trend Lab, we research and produce custom content including blog posts, videos and other media on popular topics in your industry so that you can educate your customer and build your reputation as an expert to grow your brand.

If your business could benefit from added visibility through your online channels, we look forward to your call or visit to discuss how implementing an SEO strategy can generate new leads for your business and increase your visibility in the market. Call or e-mail us today to discuss how search engine optimization can embolden your marketing efforts and expand your customer base.

Content Production & Strategy

These days, content is king. Quality content adds value to your prospective customer, and makes you appear as an expert in your industry. In fact, a recent market study found that 61% of consumers said they feel better about a company that produces custom content on a regular basis. Content also happens to be the foundation of our online strategy here at Trend Lab. We research and produce custom content, such as blog posts, videos, and other media (even augmented reality), on popular topics in your industry so you can educate your customer directly and build your brand.