Paid Media Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click campaigns are an amazing way to send qualified leads to your site that can directly generate sales

Edmonton Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Paid media can have an instant impact and can give an immediate boost to traffic and leads when utilized correctly. Alternatively, it can be used to supplement your current plan to further increase conversion and snag those on-the-fence prospects. Whether it’s with Adwords, paid social media posts, display advertising, or retargeting, we will setup your campaign and manage your budget so that you get the highest ROI possible.

Committing money to online advertising can sometimes feel like an uncalculated gamble. Yes, we know that the world is online and it is important for us to have visibility, but by tracking only the statistics of one’s visibility, how can we know that our advertising online is truly having an impact?
That’s where pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns can create some structure in your online marketing strategy and save you money at the same time. Using an organized and calculated keyword placement, complimented with succinct and effective ad content and an ongoing monitoring and management process can best ensure the diligence of your advertising efforts.

Customize your approach by developing campaigns that focus on your most popular products and services, your best deals, or even those unexpected and hard to find items that buyers may not know are available locally. PPC campaigns allow you to key in on the elements of your business that you specifically want to promote and attract customer attention on those needs.

When you can track not only views but also the click through rate of your campaigns as it happens, you can actively adapt and refine your campaigns mid-stream to help strengthen the results that you are looking for.

But, as any marketer will tell you, keying in on your PPC strategy can sometimes become a full time job in itself. That’s where Trend Lab can help. We work with you to set up your campaign using every tool available – paid social media posts, display advertising, Adwords, and/or retargeting to ensure that you are seeing the return on investment you expect from your online marketing and promotion program. Whether you’re looking for assistance to identify and set up your campaign, or comprehensive support to not only initiate, but provide ongoing assistance, analysis and recommendations, Trend Lab can deliver. Let us put our team’s expertise to work for you, call or e-mail us today.