Strategic Analysis

A smart strategy starts with a top-to-bottom analysis of your business and your online presence. You’re part of the Trend Lab family now, and the first month is all about getting to know your business and your target customer. Equipped with this information, we research what kinds of searches your prospects are making and what kind of buying behaviours they engage in.

Evaluate the Competition

Time to tear apart your competition! Also part of the first month, our team delves into your top competitors’ online strategy and tactics so we can see what they’re doing well and what opportunities they’re missing out on. Using this information, along with what we learned in step 1, we can set the stage for dominating your industry online.

Build & Execute Your Action Plan

We take all of the information we learned from the previous two steps and turn that into an actionable plan that we implement for your business beginning in month two. This will include building your new website, or modifying the one that you already have to optimize for conversion and for SEO purposes, and starting your content and social media campaigns, along with any other services. We break down our plans into transparent, tangible steps that are easy to understand and enables you and your business to hold us accountable. Most projects tend to see traction by the 3rd month, but we have strategies that can help shorten the wait!

Measure Success & Tweak

We believe you can’t fix what you don’t measure, and that’s why your team at Trend Lab measures everything! This includes state-of-the-art call tracking, which is implemented for all of our clients, behavior and conversion tracking, and of course the usual Google Analytics metrics. We’re data driven at Trend Lab, but we don’t forget that your customers are real human beings.

Once again, we break down all of this information in a transparent manner in monthly meetings with your dedicated account representative, so you understand the results you’re getting. Lastly, we take this information and adjust your strategy to further maximize your return on investment.