Understanding Your Customer’s Hopes and Dreams

As a business owner, how well do you know your customers?  Do you know their short and long term goals?  If you do, can you articulate what role you play in that plan?  While the role of business owner is often one which requires us to think and act selfishly, the difference between opening a business and staying in business may require that we change the centre of our universe.

It’s not entirely our fault.  The system is not designed to consider the short or long term goals of the customer.  When you completed your business plan, nowhere in the document did it ask you to identify relationship management with your clientele.  Instead, it was simply a numbers projection about what you expected to do in sales and how you were going to stay afloat in the lean times.  Unfortunately, without identifying the important role that your customer plays, you may be missing out on a key component that determines whether your business succeeds or fails.  Every customer has a story.  They are coming to you over your competitors because you can help them to fulfill a need.

Consider the home handyman:

They could be seeking you out for something as simple as securing the implement or fixture that puts the finishing touch on a home improvement project.  For many, the relationship begins and ends with the transaction – at least that’s what we have come to expect from the big box stores, where they deal in high volumes and their individual relationships don’t factor as heavily into their fiscal health.

However, as a small business owner, you may want to learn more about that customer and what they are working on.  Is it a quick fix repair to scratch an item off their “honey do” list, or is it part of a larger project?  If they are looking at a larger renewal of a building, could you offer advice on a comparatively priced product that will deliver greater results?  How does your advice change if you’re talking about a new construction project vs. retro-fitting an existing space?  If the customer’s goal is to improve and maintain the value of their property as a long term investment – you may be able to provide some valuable insight that will save (and make) money for your client.  But you need to know the journey they’re on and how you can take part in that adventure.  Regardless of the business that you’re in, you are better equipped to provide the advice and service that a customer needs if you understand their hopes and dreams.

At Trend Lab, understanding not only the challenges but also the aspirations of our clients gives us a greater insight about how best to direct their marketing strategy to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, both short and long term.   We get to know you and your brand, find out where you’re coming from and where you want to go.  Share your hopes and dreams with us, and let us help you make them your reality.